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which currently contains:

- the project brochure;

- Folding brochure with the information form for the WWF Oasis of Valle Averto;

- the Notice Board.


A first brochure has been prepared, which is printed in 4000 copies. Contains a brief description of the WWF Oasis of Valle Averto and a summary of the objectives and actions of the project.

The second brochure, also printed in 4000 copies, will be produced at the end of the project and will contain the results achieved. The brochure was produced in A4 format, with four pages.


The first page constitutes the title page with the title, the data of the project, the partners;

on the second page there is a text that introduces the project and a site map indicating the areas where the concrete actions are carried out, described briefly on the third page.

The fourth page briefly illustrates some preparatory actions of the project (preliminary monitoring), and the dissemination / communication activities, including those dedicated to environmental education.

The contents of the brochure have been prepared by CORILA with the collaboration of all partners;

the graphic project was created by CORILA using the Adobe InDesign program.

The brochure is presented during dissemination and information initiatives on the LIFE FORESTALL project (conferences, conventions, meetings, etc.) and made available in digital format (PDF).

It can be downloaded directly with the Dissemination Pack.


Depliant (leaflet)

A 6 fold leaflet has been prepared, with each fold measuring 10cm x 21cm.

The leaflet contains the main elements of the description of the project: a concise description of the WWF Oasis of Valle Averto and of the project, the "numbers" of the project, the actions of the project, the map of the intervention area and an essential iconography with images related to the area and the project.

Several drafts of the leaflet were developed and evaluated by the partners, to converge on a final version.

The leaflet is intended to be used for educational meetings and visits for the public, including students, at the WWF Oasis in Valle Averto, for information on the project at conferences, meetings, meetings where it is important to spread the knowledge of the LIFE FORESTALL project.



WWF Oasis of Valle Averto module


Modulo interno al depliant per l'Oasi WWF di Valle Averto

Inside the leaflet there is the insertion of a 2 fold module, in 10cm x 21cm format, with the description of the WWF Oasis of Valle Averto and how to visit the oasis itself.


Notice board

Notice Board

The "notice board" information panel is an information product required according to the guidelines of the "LIFE Nature & Biodiversity Guidelines for applicants 2018" LIFE Programme.

The panel shown contains:

- a map of the WWF Oasis of Valle Averto (framed within the southern lagoon of Venice) where the areas in which all the concrete project actions will be carried out have been indicated with different screenings; an explanatory photo was also associated with each area;

- the essential numbers of the project (duration, budget, hectares of land restored, plans, ...);

- brief description of the project;

- descriptive summary of the project actions;

- partner logos;

-logos of the project, of the LIFE program and of Natura2000;

- QR code linked to the project website (

The contents of this panel have been prepared by CORILA with the collaboration of all partners;

the graphic project was created by CORILA using the Adobe InDesign program and then printed. The panel was then installed inside the WWF Oasis of Valle Averto near the visitor center so that visitors can consult it before the guided tours.

It is also possible to download the Stakeholder Communication and Transferability Pack (SCTP).




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