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Action C5. Containment of alien and invasive plant species. Robinia pseudoacacia
In recent weeks the cutting of locust trees is being carried out. The activity involves the elimination of small, medium and large specimens, followed by the planting of native species.
Action C3. Planting of 91E0 * species in project area A
Planting of ash, elm and alder trees in project area A has been carried out (Project Action C3 - restoration of habitat 91E0 * Alluvial forests of Alnus glutinosa and Fraxinus excelsior).
Avifauna monitoring. February 2021
Monitoring of avifauna (Action D3 of the project). The scheduled listening points took place in the first week of February.
Action C6 of the project "Containment of the presence of the Silurus glanis". First capture session in 2021
In the first days of February, the first capture session scheduled for 2021 of silurus glanis, action C6 of the project, was carried out.
Preparation of ash, elm and alder planting for Action C3
In January, area A of the Valle Averto site was prepared for the planting of the species envisaged by action C3.
Plant preparation Cladium mariscus. Mowing area B
Action C2. Mowing in area B of the Valle Averto site preparatory to scotico, for the preparation of the Cladium mariscus plant